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I am a first year Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics (AMS) at the Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University. My faculty sponsor is Professor Carey Priebe. My PhD advisor is Vince Lyzinski, Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park.

My research areas of interest include Multiscale Statistical Network Inference, Multiple Graph Matching and Time Series of Networks.


During Summer 2022, I was a Joint E+D & MSR research intern at Microsoft. My supervisors were Dr. Anna Bertinger (E+D team) and Dr. Jonathan Larson (Microsoft Research team).

I received my PhD diploma from the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Maryland, College Park on May 2022.

During Summer 2021, I was a research intern at the Computational and Information Sciences Directorate (CISD), DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory supervised by Dr. Jade Freeman.

Since 2019, I am interested in the statistical analysis of joint spectral embedding methods for multiple networks. From 2017 to 2019, I was a PhD student at UMASS and worked in graph matching problems with my PhD advisor Vince Lyzinski.

I received a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

For more information, please check out my CV. Also, connect with me on LinkedIn.

Conferences / Talks


For a full list of articles, please check my Google Scholar and/or ResearchGate.

  1. “The Importance of Being Correlated: Implications of Dependence in Joint Spectral Inference across Multiple Networks” Pantazis, K., Athreya, A., Arroyo, J., Frost, W.N., Hill, E.S., and Lyzinski, V. Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR) 23(141):1−77, 2022. journal.

  2. “Multiplex graph matching matched filters” Pantazis, K., Sussman, D.L., Park, Y. et al. Multiplex graph matching matched filters. Appl Netw Sci 7, 29 (2022) journal.

    • A shorter version of the paper appeared in GTA³ 3.0: The 3rd workshop on Graph Techniques for Adversarial Activity Analytics, 2019.
  3. “Clustered Graph Matching for Label Recovery and Graph Classification” Li, Z., Arroyo, J., Pantazis, K., and Lyzinski, V. preprint.


  1. Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR)
  2. Knowledge-based Systems (KBS)


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Johns Hopkins University

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University of Maryland College Park

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